Augusta Technical College

Consistently one of Georgia's top institutions, Augusta Tech developed the Grovetown campus as its 3rd satellite campus to serve the educational needs of the community in closer to home.  This first phase building features 4 educational pods, each serving a different function.   Both general education and health sciences pods feature 8 classrooms each and a computer lab; an industrial education pod houses 2 large, multi-use industrial classroom / labs; and an administrative pod features staff spaces and larger gathering areas.  Large corridors connecting the individual pods create grouping of usable exterior plazas that can be accessed for instruction or relaxing.


Owner: Augusta Technical College
Location: Grovetown, Georgia
Square Footage: 23,000 sf
Project Cost: $ 5.8M
Completion Date: August 2011


  • First building on new satellite campus
  • Architectural style blends with style of main campus
  • Four building pods bridged with glass corridors enabling easy additions
  • Master planning performed as a part of work